The Geneva exoplanet group is involved in several instrumentation projects. A non-exhaustive list is given below. For more information we invite you to visit the respective web sites and/or contact the persons locally responsible for the project of your interest.

CHEOPS A swiss-ESA satellite for the follow-up of transiting exoplanets
DACE Data-Analysis Center of observational and computational data on exoplanets
ESPRESSO The future high-precision planet hunter for ESOs Very-Large Telescope
EULER An automatic Swiss telescope in the desert of Atacama, Chile
HARPS The original High-Accuracy Radial-velocity Planet Searcher
HARPS-N The northern copy of the HARPS instrument
NGTS A ground-based large-field New Generation Transit Search
PRIMA Phase-Referenced Imaging and Micro-arcseconds Astrometry on ESO’s VLTI
SOPHIE A High resolution Spectrograph of Haute Provence Observatory
SPHERE Extreme adaptive optics instrumentation for direct imaging and spectroscopy of exoplanets
SPIRou A Near-Infrared Spectropolarimeter for the 3.6-m Canada France Hawaii Telescope

Swiss Euler 1.2-m Telescope at La Silla, Chile (© ESO)