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Prof. Émeline Bolmont

Émeline Bolmont

Professeure assistante / Assistant Professor

+41 22 379 24 44

Emeline Bolmont's research focuses on two aspects related to planets around low-mass stars: the simulation of the orbit and rotation of planets (in particular in multi-planet systems) and the simulation of planetary climates.  She is now the director of the newly created Centre Vie dans l'Univers (, which regroups researchers from different disciplines: chemistry, physics, climatology, biology, geophysics, astrophysics. The aim of the center is to carry out interdisciplinary projects to advance science in the fundamental questions of: how did life appear on Earth? how could we distinguish/recognize life on other planets? 
Short bio: 
Emeline obtained her PhD from the University of Bordeaux, France, where she worked on the history and habitability of exoplanets orbiting low-mass stars and brown dwarfs at the Laboratoire d’astrophysique de Bordeaux (with Sean N. Raymond and Franck Selsis). She then did a two-year postdoctoral stay in the university of Namur, Belgium, with Anne-Sophie Libert, where she worked on deepening her knowledge on planetary climates. Finally, after two years as a postdoctoral researcher in the CEA, Saclay, France, where she worked on the modeling of tides with Stéphane Mathis, she joined the Observatory of Geneva as an assistant professor in November 2018.

Research group

  • Guillaume Chaverot (research & teaching assistant)
  • Alexandre Revol (research & teaching assistant)
  • Mathilde Houelle (research & teaching assistant)
  • Siddharth Bhatnagar (research & teaching assistant)
  • Leon Kwok (master student)
  • Asena Kuzucan (master student within the CVU)
  • Mariana Carolina Villamil Sastre (master student within the CVU)

Corps enseignant / Faculty members